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Anna Battista is a writer, freelance journalist and independent scholar. Her articles about art, architecture, culture, fashion, lifestyle, politics and social issues have been featured in American, British, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish publications.

She currently collaborates with various publications such as Dazed Digital and Zoot Magazine and also works with art-house cinemas and film festivals in Italy and the UK, producing documentaries on a freelance basis. Her latest essay about architecture and art “Climbing Camille” was published in the book Rouen Impressionnée: Arne Quinze, Galerie Guy Pieters, Paris, 2010.

Anna’s architecture, art, fashion, film and style notes are collected on her site, "Irenebrination", inspired by iconic Italian journalist Irene Brin and conceived as a reaction against commercial fashion publications.

Anna used to be an ardent Elsa Schiaparelli fan before everybody jumped on Schiap's bandwagon and, finding it too crowded, she decided to temporarily abandon it and let everybody else off before boarding it up again.

In the meantime, she is developing her research on the inter-relationships between art, architecture, culture, fashion, politics and economics and investigating new cultural-creative clustering strategies.

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